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Reoccurring Events

Pet Nail Clipping

Pet nail trimming is offered in store.  Please call the store for more information.


Shriners can tabs or "pop top" Collection

Brunswick Pet Quarters is now a collection point for soda / beer can tabs.  These are sent to the Shriners who redeem them for money.  All proceeds benefit Shriners Childrens' Hospital.




We regret to inform you that the monthly vaccination clinics have been discontinued.

From the website of Dr. Joel Hokkanen:

“Veterinarians and pet owners today face a difficult situation. Costs of running a veterinary hospital continue to rise. There have been great advances in medical science and many miraculous treatments are now available for pets, but at ever-greater expense. Often pet owners cannot afford the best care available for their pets, and are left feeling frustrated that life-changing care is beyond their ability to pay. Veterinarians are stuck in the middle between higher operating costs and customers upset about higher costs of care.

Our vaccination and wellness clinics have for years provided pet owners with a lower-cost option for basic veterinary care. In this challenging environment, however, some veterinary practice owners see lower-cost options such as vaccination clinics as a threat to their businesses. The Maine Veterinary Medical Association has responded by pushing through the legislature changes to the Maine Veterinary Practice Act which are specifically designed to limit lower-cost veterinary care options in Maine.

In light of this situation, we have suspended our monthly clinics. It has been an honor providing care for so many wonderful pets and owners in Maine, and we sincerely wish everyone the best in the future.” 




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